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Why Choose Pilgrim Permocoat?

At Pilgrim Permocoat, we prioritize each client by providing first-class customer service so that you are able to get your jobs done on time and on budget. In short, we are relationship-based, and are committed to helping our clients get fast, dependable service without any hassles, setbacks, or lengthy waits.

We don’t believe in call centers, so when you call Pilgrim Permocoat, you’ll speak to someone knowledgeable who can get you answers right away. When you call us for a question or a need, our promise is to give you a solution before the end of the phone call.

If you need a custom quantity of a product to finish your job, we are willing to work with you to satisfy your needs without requiring you to purchase excess. This service allows you to get just what you need and in a more timely manner without having to store, transport, and handle extra bulk products.
We strive to help every client complete their projects on time. This is why at Pilgrim Permocoat, we can manufacture and deliver our products in days, not months. Since we make our products in-house and distribute them ourselves, there is virtually no supply chain to get in the way. Your orders are started and delivered in a timeframe that works for you.
Our clients have been known to save around 30% on their cost when ordering through Pilgrim versus when ordering through other companies. Since we are able to cut out the middleman, our commitment is to pass that cost savings onto you. Additionally, with our custom order quantities, you also won’t be stuck paying for much more than you actually need.
At Pilgrim Permocoat, we develop our products in-house with a team of experts who are always available to talk with you about your needs or answer questions you may have. While structural adhesives are our best selling product, we have a range of products that can suit your needs.

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